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Training Required

Coaches Code of Conduct




1) Protection of Children from Sexual Misconduct and Hiring Staff Who Work with Minors and Identifying and Reporting Sexual Misconduct. The link is

2) Pool Emergency Procedures 


1) Protection of Children

2) Background check conducted by University HR

3) TN Required Training - NHFS Learning Center --

  • Concussion Training – TN requirement
  • Sudden Cardiac Arrest Training – TN requirement




The TIGERSHARKS Swimming program operates under two basic rules:

1.Respect yourself, your fellow coaches, and your opponents.

2.Do not do anything that would embarrass yourself, your family or our team.


Coaches should arrive at least 10 to 15 minutes before practice to get equipment set up and greet swimmers as they arrive

For SAFETY, a coach will be on deck before any swimmer enters the pool area and will remain on deck until all the swimmers leave the pool area.

Greet each swimmer by name when they come on deck, and have a central location for your swimmers to gather before practice.

Swimmers need to be behind their assigned lanes with their required equipment 5 minutes before practice starts.

Speak to each swimmer at least once a day. Give positive feedback and make “gentle” corrective actions as needed.

Touching, picking up, or holding swimmers is not allowed.

If you need to demonstrate a stroke movement, always ask the swimmer for permission before you take their hands or feet to demonstrate the movement.

Cell phones should not be used for phone calls or texting while coaching with the exception of videotaping a swimmer for teaching purposes.


Horseplay - wrestling, hitting, pushing, dunking, picking someone up, poking them – is not allowed

Harassment, bullying, or actions such as making threats, spreading rumors, attacking someone physically or verbally, and excluding someone from a group on purpose will not be tolerated.


Swimmers will change in the locker rooms and not in the upstairs bathrooms. Swimmers are will be expected to keep their areas clean and No horseplay is tolerated – pick up towels, suits, goggles, etc. and close locker doors.

Junior coaches will oversee the locker rooms and will monitor the locker rooms. No towels or suits should be laying around after practice and make sure that locker doors are closed.


Walk on deck.

Remove fins before getting out of the pool. No walking on deck with fins ever.

Feet first entry only – NO Diving unless approved by coach.

Swimming under the bulkhead is never allowed as you could become trapped under the bulkhead.

Swim in the diving well only with the head coach or assistant coach’s approval.

A coach will supervise all diving well swimming.

The use of the one-meter diving board only with a coach’s approval and supervision – This may not be allowed based on insurance coverage.

The three-meter diving is closed to all swimmers.

Racing Starts -Only the head coach or an assistant coach may approve racing starts.

When entering the water, no somersaults of any kind into any pool either it be at practice or competition pool. Always a feet first entry into the pool.

ACCIDENTS - Injury is possible when swimmers:

Misjudge the distance and swim into the wall which could result in a concussion.

Hit the heels or ankles on the wall during a flip turn.

Push off at the wrong angle—especially dangerous in shallow water.

Push off the wall in the center of the lane, colliding with another swimmer.


The warm-up procedures at practices are the same the swimmers will follow at meets.

Always use a feet-first entry into the water.

Remember racing starts are only allowed when indicated by either the head coach or an assistant coach and are only allowed when instructed and supervised by either the head coach or an assistant coach. Swimmers need to be aware of their surrounding when entry the water.

When Circle Swimming swimmers will follow these guidelines:

oAll swimmers keep to the right when using the counterclockwise pattern.

oThe start interval between swimmers will be 5 seconds or past the flags to leave enough open water in front of and behind the swimmers to swim without interference.

oPassing shall only occur when the swimmer touches the slower swimmer foot and makes sure the passing side is clear. The slower swimmer will pause and let the faster swimmer go ahead.

oWhen waiting for send-offs swimmer shall be inline and hanging on the gutter.

oWhen finished the swimmer shall keep the wall open for finishes by moving up the lane line.


Swimmers should arrive at least 20 to 30 minutes before the scheduled warm up to allow time to set up and change into their suit and get their equipment. It is expected that all swimmers will wear the team suit and if wearing a cap will wear the team cap.

Swimmers will complete dynamic stretches led by one of the junior coaches before water warm ups begin.

Swimmers should be lined up in their assigned lanes 5 minutes before warm up start time.

Warm up procedures will be feet first entry and circle swimming. Remember racing starts are only allowed when indicated by either the head coach or an assistant coach and are only allowed when instructed and supervised by either the head coach or an assistant coach. Swimmers need to look before entering the water. Swimmers need to be a where of their surrounding when entry the water.

Coaches will instruct the swimmers on what the warm up routine will be. Besides swimming, swimmers will practice turns to make sure the walls are not slippery. They will also count their strokes from the flags for backstroke turns, and they will practice finishes. Toward the end of warm ups the coaches will clear the lanes to allow racing starts under the supervision of an assigned coach.

After the warm up is over the swimmers will exit the pool and return tothe team set-up areas.

Before each race the swimmer is to go to their coach for any instructions /reminders. After each race the swimmer will go immediately to their coach to discuss their swim about what went well and where improvements could be made.

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