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    Meet Review and Warm up Changes


    The coaches have discussed and decided with Marion, Tigersharks Board President, approval to change the warm-up  and the cool down procedures. We realized after the last meet we had our swimmers in the water too early and they had to sit around and wait for over 1-1/2 hours before…

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    Tigershark Swimmer Awards - Weekly Practice Swimmer and EDETEF Meet Swimmer

    Practice Swimmer of the Week Award is for the swimmer in each group who:

    Shows Up – good attendance and pays attention

    Honors the team with their EFFORT – listens, follows instructions, and tries hard

         Does It Right – does what was asked as well as they can

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    Hydration - Water Bottles

    I want to encourage all pre-senior and senior swimmers to carry a water bottle to practice. The pool water is warmer - 85 degrees; while during the winter it is typically 80 degrees. Swimmers do perspire during training and warmer water will only make it worse. Both groups are swimming…

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    Evening Practice Time Change

    Parents of JR 1, JR2 and PreSenior swimmers,

    After a week of evening practices, I need to change the evening practices as follow:

    JR 1 swimmers will have stroke instruction (stroke school) from 4:45 pm to 5:30 pm Monday to Thursday. The focus will be on learning breast and fly,…

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    Relay Meet Saturday Warm-Up 8:00


    Tigershark swimmers should be on the Fowler deck in their suits at 8:00 AM for short stretching session and then warm ups until 8:40. The meet starts at 10:00 AM

    This will be a fun meet with nothing but relays, and we will be competing again Manchester and Tullahoma…

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    Tigersharks First Meet

    Tigershark Parents,

    We just started practice yesterday with 81 swimmers in the pool. Great turnout. That is 9 more than last year. 

    But we cannot relax as we have to get ready for our first meet Saturday June 2. It is a home meet which starts at 2:00 PM and…

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    If your child is not ready for the TigerShark Swim Team. Max Obermiller will be having swim lessons June 4-14.

    Lessons START on Monday June 4 and END on Thursday June 14 Mon-Fri June 4-8 and Mon-Thurs June 11-14 with a total of 9 Lessons. Make-Up Day: In case of…

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    Tigersharks 3rd @ Champs; New Records Set

    Tigersharks Finish 3rd at RACE League Championships

    New League and Team Records Set

    On Saturday, July 15, the Sewanee Tigersharks hosted approximately 550 swimmers from nine area swim teams for the end of season RACE League Championships. The Tigersharks finished 3rd with 1536 points. They were barely edged out of…

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    Tigersharks Fall to Makos; New PB's Set

    On Saturday, July 8, the Sewanee Tigersharks hosted the Manchester Makos at the Fowler Center Natatorium. The Makos defeated the Tigersharks 367 to 242.

    The Tigersharks 8 & U Mixed Medley Relay Team of Harper Thompson, Sarah-Russell Roberson, Anara Summers, and Konrad Knoll took first place, as did the 9-10…

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    Another Win for the Tigersharks Against the Penguins

    On Tuesday, June 27, the Sewanee Tigersharks swim team hosted the Winchester Penguins at the Fowler Center Natatorium. The Tigersharks were victorious over the Penguins by a score of 339 to 243. The girls’ team won 150 to 106, and the boys’ team won 158 to 118.

    Exceptional performances in…

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