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General FAQs

Who can join the swim team?

Youth between the ages of 4 to 18 years old who are able to swim an age-appropriate distance with minimal to no assistance. We expect that swimmers already have basic swimming abilities. If you are uncertain of your child's skill-level or placement, please come to practice and we can help with an assessment.

How much does it cost?

All groups are $200 for the 1st swimmer in a family and $180 for each additional swimmer in the same family.

Where does the team practice?

At the Sewanee Natatorium (Fowler Center Pool).

How often and when does the team practice?

With the exception of the first week of the season, when practices will be in the afternoon, the team practices are held in the mornings for Rookies, and Juniors Monday - Friday and in the late afternoon/early evening for Pre-Seniors and Seniors. Regular practice attendance builds discipline, both mental and physical, which is essential for competitive swimming. Generally, the more you practice, the more you improve.

For the Tigershark Summer Season Practice Schedule see the Resources Tab

How do I know which group my swimmer(s) should swim with?

Below are some rough guidelines. If you are still unsure, please let one of the coaches know at the first practice and we can do an assessment.

Rookie I & II

  • I: Swims at least 15 feet with a basic understanding of Freestyle + Backstroke; Ages 4 - 7.
  • II: Swims ½ length of the pool easily with Freestyle + Backstroke; will learn Breaststroke + Butterfly; Ages 5 - 10.

Junior I & II

  • I: Swims 1 length of the pool easily; learning Breast + Fly with conditioning to improve strength; Ages 5 - 10.
  • II: Refining stroke mechanics for all strokes; light training; Ages 6 - 11.

Pre-Senior & Senior

  • Pre-Senior: 3 to 4 strokes mastered; establishing training base; Ages 7 - 12.
  • Senior: All 4 strokes mastered; focus is on training + further stroke development; Ages 13 - 18.

Can you tell me more about the meets?

Our meets are during the months of June and July. They will typically be held on Tuesday evenings, Thursday evenings, and Saturday mornings; some will be away—usually within about 1 hour's driving distance—and some will be at home. The final league championship meet will be in Sewanee on Saturday, July 8th and is an entire-day event with younger swimmers competing in the morning and older swimmers in the afternoon.

League rules state that to be eligible to swim in the final championship meet, a swimmer must participate in at least 2 regular season meets. Although it's best that these meets be scheduled Tigersharks meets, in the case of schedule conflicts it is possible for your swimmer to swim at another league meet—please contact a Tigersharks coach if you need to make such arrangements.

What sort of equipment and swimsuit will my child need?

We recommend that swimmers have one or more pairs of goggles and a team suit. Some swimmers prefer to reserve the team suit for meets and wear a different suit for practices. Swimmers may want both tinted and untinted goggles if the particular season's schedule of away and home meets includes both outdoor and indoor pools. Darker/tinted goggles are especially helpful for meets at outdoor pools. With goggles, it's important to try on several brands and models to be sure your swimmer gets the best fit. Kickboards and fins are available at the Fowler Center for practices although some swimmers like to purchase their own.

The Tigersharks team suit is available at First Place Athletics in Huntsville; a representative from First Place will visit Fowler Prior to the start of each season with team suits, practice suits, and goggles available for purchase.

Can I help?

Yes, please! Swim meets are true community events, and volunteers are key to a smooth and efficient swim meet. There are a variety of ways that you can help at each swim meet. In fact, volunteering is a requirement for your swimmer to participate in the season. More information on the types of jobs are available in the Parent Resources section of this website, and you can sign up to help via the website.

I still have questions. Whom can I ask?

Feel free to ask a coach, a member of the Tigersharks board, or an experienced parent or swimmer depending on what you have questions about. If the person you ask isn't able to answer your question, s/he will likely know who can! Please see the "About" and "Contact" tabs on our website for Board and Coaches contact information.

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