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Swimmer Sign-Up/Opt-Out How To

We are using an opt-out system for meet attendance. This means that coaches will assume that your swimmer(s) will be swimming in each and every meet unless you indicate otherwise. When you first login on the team website, you should see that your swimmer(s) are signed up for every meet. If there are meets your swimmer cannot participate in, it is important for us to know that as soon as possible. Here we’ll explain how to do that online—it’s very simple!

What You Need To Know

We hope that your swimmer(s) can swim in every meet, but we know this isn’t always possible. Families must indicate online if their swimmer(s) will NOT participate in a particular meet. In other words, the coaches will assume that your swimmer(s) will swim in a meet unless you have indicated otherwise online. They will make decisions about the meet entries based on the assumption you’re your swimmer(s) will be there, and if your swimmer(s) are not there it can have ramifications for other swimmers and for the team, so please let us know as soon as you can about meets your swimmer is unable to attend.

Please submit any changes to meet attendance (e.g., from attending to not attending or vice versa) by noon 4 days prior to a meet. This is considered the online opt-out deadline. For example, if a meet is on Saturday, 6/4, meet declarations need to be in by noon on Tuesday, 5/28.

If we do not have a meet “not attending” declaration for a swimmer by the online opt-out deadline, we will assume the swimmer WILL be swimming in the meet.

We understand that plans can change unexpectedly and that emergencies can arise. Please do your very best to let us know by one week in advance of each meet if your swimmer will not be at the meet, but of course please let us know of any changes in plan that occur closer to the meet.

How to Declare Meet Attendance for Your Swimmer(s)

  1. Determine if there are meets that your swimmer will be unable to attend. We hope and will assume that each swimmer is swimming in every meet unless you indicate otherwise. If your swimmer(s) will be at every scheduled meet, you do not need to do anything further online with regard to attendance. If there are one or more meets that your swimmer(s) will be unable to attend, read on for how to indicate this.

  2. Log in. At the top right corner of every page of the TigerSharks team website, you will see, "Already a member? Login." Click on that link to be brought to the login page, and log into your SwimTopia account.
    • In most cases, you set up a SwimTopia account for your family as part of the process of registering your swimmer(s) online.
    • If you have not yet set up your SwimTopia account, or do not remember your login credentials, the process is the same:
      1. Click "Forgot your password?
      2. Enter the e-mail address you used to register your swimmer and click "Reset My Password." Instructions on how to reset your password will be e-mailed to you.
      3. Return to the login page, and sign in.

  3. View the meets on the Meets & Other Events page. Navigate to the Meets & Other Events page, where you will see a schedule of this season’s TigerSharks meets and other events. Each meet will have two green buttons next to it: one for Meet Entry and one for Job Signup.

  4. Opt out of the meets your swimmer(s) cannot attend. For each meet that your swimmer(s) cannot attend, click on the green Meet Entry button and you will see your family's meet status. You may see a request for volunteers in the yellow box. Disregard that for now and scroll down below the yellow box and click on the "Edit” button. Using the drop-down menu, change your swimmer's attendance status from "Attending" to "Not Attending" and click "Save.”

  5. View your swimmer's meet attendance status. Once you've clicked "Save" your family's status will be displayed. You will also be prompted again to select volunteer positions for the meet if you haven't already done so. This is a great time to do that!

  6. Update your swimmer's meet attendance status as needed. If there is a change in plans that affects your swimmer's meet attendance status, please do the following:
    • If it is before the meet online opt-out deadline (i.e., before noon 4 days prior to the meet), follow the procedure above and to update your swimmer’s meet status.
    • If it is after the meet online opt-out deadline (i.e., after noon 4 days prior to the meet), please immediately e-mail Coach John  ([email protected]) to notify our coaching staff so that they can make necessary adjustments. With changes that occur this close to a meet, it is also helpful if you let a coach know in person as soon as possible.

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