Reminder: Suit/Equipment Sale and Parent Meeting Tomorrow!

    Dear Tigershark Parents,

    Thank you for helping us kick off the 2023 season with such a terrific first two days! It was so much fun to put our new swimmers together with our returning swimmers and start to create our new 2023 Tigershark team! We were really proud of all returning swimmers who moved up a training group and were so helpful to their coaches and new teammates. You are awesome. We'd also like to extend a huge welcome to all our new Tigersharks too!

    This is just a quick reminder about tomorrow's Suit/Equipment Sale and required Parent Meeting:

    • From 3:00 - 6:00 pm, First Place Athletics will be on site to sell Tigershark team suits, goggles, fins, and other equipment need for the season. We'll have printed handouts telling you what to purchase by training group. 
    • Parents should be at the Suit and Equipment Sale NO LATER than 5:00 pm to allow enough time prior to the team meeting at 6:00 pm. This sale is very crowded, so anticipate waiting in line and allow extra time. 
    • New swimmers will need to try on their TYR team suit. Team suits should fit snug on the body. Swimmers must be dry and wear clean underwear to try on the team suit.
    • At 6:00 pm, one parent per swimmer or swim family is asked to meet on the pool balcony for our required parent meeting. We'll discuss expectations of swimmers, parents, and coaches, team philosophy, defining a successful season, and volunteer expectations. There will also be time for a Q and A at the end.

    Thanks and please reach out with questions!

    Marion Knoll, Tigershark Head Coach

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