Group Evaluations


    We had a good turn out for evaluations today and we, the coaches, have placed swimmers in one of the six practice groups based on that we observed. This placement may change as the coaches have more time to work with each of your swimmers. 

    The list is attached and is arranged by last name. 

    Please note for the swimmers in Rookie I, Rookie II, and Junior I groups, the coaches will be breaking these groups down into two smaller size groups to allow for a better swimmer to coach ratio. We will be determining who will go into which 30 minute practice group this week. Once it is determined we will let you know by email before morning practices start next week.

    As always please let me know what questions or concerns you might have.

    Coach John

    First Name Last Age Group
    Flynn Allen 8 JUNIOR I
    Arabella Barry 6 JUNIOR I
    Sawyer Barry 9 JUNIOR II
    Sienna Barry 12 SENIOR
    Dylan Bruscato 9 JUNIOR I
    Lily Camp Camp 8 JUNIOR I
    Suzanna Camp 4 ROOKIE I
    Sadie Camp 6 ROOKIE II
    AJ Clements 14 SENIOR
    Zoey Craft 17 SENIOR
    Patrick Crawford 9 JUNIOR I
    Vae Crosby 8 JUNIOR I
    Sam Frazier 9 PRE-SENIOR
    Loulie Frazier 11 SENIOR
    Remy Garcia 6 ROOKIE I
    Andy Garrison 7 ROOKIE II
    Jaden Gipson 10 JUNIOR I
    Arthur Glacet 10 JUNIOR I
    Alexandre Glacet 7 ROOKIE II
    Max Goodpaster 8 JUNIOR II
    Sam Goodpaster 11 JUNIOR II
    Sophia Hartman 18 SENIOR
    Larson Heitzenrater 18 SENIOR
    Asher Kavur 8 JUNIOR I
    Camille Kavur 11 JUNIOR I
    Soren Kavur 5 ROOKIE I
    Cooper Knight 7 JUNIOR I
    Sarah Knight 12 SENIOR
    Heide Bell Ladd 8 JUNIOR I
    Archer Ladd 8 JUNIOR II
    Kiran Malde 10 PRE-SENIOR
    Maya Mauzy 12 SENIOR
    Theo Michaels 10 JUNIOR II
    Reese Michaels 13 SENIOR
    Caroline Neubauer 11 PRE-SENIOR
    Libby Neubauer 14 SENIOR
    Porter Neubauer 16 SENIOR
    Beatrice Pate 9 JUNIOR I
    Leonora Pate 9 JUNIOR I
    Verana Pate 14 SENIOR
    Sophia Patterson 17 SENIOR
    Adeline Pond 9 JUNIOR I
    Amelia Pond 11 JUNIOR II
    Harry Reinhard 6 ROOKIE I
    Sarah Russell Roberson 10 PRE-SENIOR
    Millie Roberts 8 JUNIOR I
    Jack Roberts 7 JUNIOR II
    Will Roberts 9 PRE-SENIOR
    Jane Roberts 5 ROOKIE I
    Sara Roberts 8 ROOKIE II
    Grant Rundle 5 ROOKIE I
    Rachael Rundle 9 ROOKIE II
    Jane Shealy 8 JUNIOR I
    Eli Summers 6 JUNIOR I
    Anara Summers 9 PRE-SENIOR
    Rosalind Thompson 8 JUNIOR I
    Harper Thompson 10 JUNIOR II
    Cabell Thompson 8 ROOKIE II
    Sadie Grace Tiernan 5 ROOKIE I
    Ezra Tiernan 7 ROOKIE II
    Chloe Tiner 7 ROOKIE I
    Nym Tiner 5 ROOKIE I
    Will Turrell 10 JUNIOR II
    Mia Val Val 11 JUNIOR i
    Melanie Val 12 JUNIOR I
    Maddie Van De Ven 11 PRE-SENIOR
    Toby Van De Ven 12 SENIOR
    Stella Wilson 11 SENIOR
    Ludmilla Zasedatelev 7 ROOKIE II
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