​Tigershark Swimmers Victorious Over Tullahoma

    On Tuesday, June 11, the Sewanee Tigersharks traveled to Tullahoma for their third dual meet of the 2019 summer league season. The Tigersharks were victorious over Tullahoma Swim Club, winning the meet with a total of 392 points in comparison to Tullahoma’s 124 points.

    Tigershark relays dominated the meet, with almost all relay teams taking first place in both the 100 yd Medley Relays and 100 yd Freestyle Relays. The following 100 yd Medley Relay teams took first place at the beginning of the meet: Mixed 8 & U 100 yd Medley Relay (Archer Ladd, Lily Camp, Konrad Knoll, Millie Roberts - 1:26.99) ; Mixed 11-12 100 yd Medley (Sam Goodpaster, Maddie Van de Ven, Loulie Frazier, Toby Van de Ven - 1:14.24); Mixed 13-14 100 yd Relay (Cooper Knight, Reese Michaels, Libby Neubauer, and AJ Clements - 1:14.67); Mixed 15-18 100 yd Medley Relay (Sophia Patterson, Zoey Craft, Zolon Knoll, Larson Heitzenrater - 1:03.21). The 100 yd Freestyle Relay teams continued the winning streak at the conclusion of the meet, with first place finishes from the following teams: 8 & U Girls (Lily Camp, Vaeh Crosby, Heidi Bell King, Millie Roberts - 1:37.88); 8 & U Boys’ (Archer Ladd, Asher Kavur, Max Goodpaster, Konrad Knoll - 1:15.76); 9-10 Boys’ 100 yd Free Relay (Kiran Malde, Will Turrell, Will Roberts, Sam Frazier - 1:08.89); 11-12 Girls’ 100 yd Free Relay (Caroline Neubauer, Maya Mauzy, Stella Wilson, Loulie Frazier - 1:04.41); 11-12 Boys’ 100 yd Free Relay (Toby Van de Ven, Jaden Gipson, Patrick Crawford, Sam Goodpaster - 1:21.26); 13-14 Girls’ 100 yd Free Relay (Reese Michaels, Verena Pate, Sienna Barry, Libby Neubauer - 59.89); 15-18 Girls’ 100 yd Free Relay (Sophia Patterson, Maddie Van de Ven, Sara Knight, Zoey Craft - 1:07.83); and 15-18 Boys’ 100 yd Free Relay (Porter Neubauer, AJ Clements, Larson Heitzenrater, Zolon Knoll - 50.86).

    Many Tigershark swimmers also dominated in the individual races, with at least one first place finish from 22 swimmers. Taking first in all three individual events were AJ Clements (13-14 Boys 50 yd Breaststroke, 100 yd IM, 50 yd Butterfly), Loulie Frazier (11-12 Girls’ 50 yd Breaststroke, 100 yd IM, 50 yd Butterfly), Konrad Knoll (8 & U Boys’ 25 yd Freestyle, 100 yd IM, 25 yd Butterfly), Zolon Knoll (15-18 Boys 50 yd Freestyle, 100 IM, and 50 yd Butterfly), Kiran Malde (9-10 Boys’ 25 yd Breaststroke, 100 IM, and 25 yd Backstroke), Sarah Russell Roberson (9-10 Girls’ 25 yd Breaststroke, Backstroke, and Butterfly), and Toby Van de Ven (11-12 Boys’ 50 yd Freestyle, Breaststroke, and Backstroke). Taking first in two individual events were Arabella Barry (6 & U Girls’ 25 yd Freestyle and Backstroke), Sam Frazier (9-10 Boys’ 50 yd Freestyle and 25 yd Butterfly), Cooper Knight (6 & U Boys’ 25 yd Freestyle and Backstroke), Archer Ladd (8 & U Boys’ 25 yd Breaststroke and Backstroke), Reese Michaels (13-14 Girls’ 50 yd Freestyle and 100 yd IM), Verena Pate (13-14 Girls’ 50 yd Breaststroke and Butterfly), and Sophia Patterson (15-18 Girls’ 100 yd IM and 50 yd Butterfly). Taking first in one individual event were Sienna Barry (11-12 Girls’ 50 yd Backstroke), Lily Camp (8 & U Girls’ 25 yd Breaststroke), Sam Goodpaster (11-12 Boys’ 50 yd Butterfly), Larson Heitzenrater (15-18 Boys’ 50 yd Backstroke), Maya Mauzy (11-12 Girls’ 50 yd Freestyle), Libby Neubauer (13-14 Girls’ 50 yd Backstroke), and Porter Neubauer (15-18 Boys’ 50 yd Breaststroke).

    In addition to the excellent relay performances and impressive individual swims, newcomer Garrison Andy (7) swam in his first Tigershark meet, and Sadie Camp (6) dropped an impressive 45.91 seconds on her 25 yd Freestyle.

    The Tigersharks take the pool again on Tuesday, June 18, when they host McMinnville Swim Team at the Fowler Center Natatorium at 5:15 pm. 

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