Sewanee Tigersharks Lose Close Meet to Fayetteville

    On Saturday, June 11, the Sewanee Tigersharks took to the pool again, hosting a very large Fayetteville Area Swim Team (FAST). The Tigersharks had a great meet with significant time drops, but Fayetteville was ultimately victorious by a score of 304 to 258.

    Five Tigershark swimmers dominated their respective categories, taking first place in all of their individual events: Arabella Barry (9) in 9-10 Girls 50 Freestyle, 25 Backstroke, 25 Butterfly; Konrad Knoll (11) in 11-12 Boys 50 Freestyle, 50 Backstroke, 50 Butterfly; Zolon Knoll (18) in 15-19 Boys 50 Freestyle, 100 Individual Medley, 50 Butterfly; Maya Mauzy (15) in 15 - 19 Girls’ 50 Freestyle, 50 Breaststroke, 100 Individual Medley; and Jack Roberts (10) 9-10 Boys 50 Freestyle, 25 Breaststroke, 25 Backstroke. Additional Tigershark swimmers finished first place in one or two individual events: Axton Ladd (6 & U 25 Freestyle and 25 Backstroke); Will Turrell (13-14 Boys 100 Individual Medley, 50 Butterfly); Toby Van de Ven (15-19 Boys’ 50 Breaststroke, 50 Backstroke); Lucie Watch (15-19 Girls 50 Backstroke, 50 Butterfly); Sam Goodpaster (13-14 Boys 50 Backstroke); Archer Ladd (11-12 Boys 100 Individual Medley); Caroline Neubauer (13-14 Girls 50 Backstroke); and Eli Summers (9-10 Boys 100 Individual Medley).

    The hard work that Tigershark swimmers have been putting in over the past three weeks is paying off, with multiple swimmers dropping significant amounts of time between the Winchester meet on June 9 and the Fayetteville meet on June 11. Over 70% of the total Tigershark races in the meet reflected time improvements. Particular highlights include: Noah Allen (8) with a 49.51 sec time improvement in the 25 Freestyle, Liam Barry (7) with a 30.91 sec in the 25 Freestyle, Remy Garcia (9) with a 33.02 sec time improvement in the 50 Freestyle; Atticus Loose (7) with an 8.60 sec drop in the 25 Freestyle; and Amelie Watson with a 12.24 sec drop in the 25 Freestyle.

    The Sewanee Tigersharks travel to Tullahoma on Thursday, June 16 to compete against the Tullahoma Swim Club, before hosting the McMinnville Swim Team at home on June 18 at 10 am. 

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